This practical guide for lung cancer nutritional care, which includes a specific nutritional care pathway, has been developed to assist the multidisciplinary team involved in the management of patients with lung cancer.

The document and pathway aims to assist healthcare professionals in optimising the nutritional status of patients with lung cancer using clinical experience and the evidence base, alongside accepted best practice in order to maximise treatment outcomes and patient experience throughout their cancer journey.

A Practical Guide for Lung Cancer Nutritional Care includes:

  • An overview of the clinical consequences of malnutrition in cancer
  • Information on the importance of nutritional screening and support for lung cancer patients
  • Guidance on offering dietary advice and oral nutritional supplements to patients with lung cancer
  • A practical Lung Cancer Nutritional Care Pathway which covers patients at low, medium and high risk of malnutrition as well as those requiring active supportive care

The guide has been developed by a multi-professional team and is supported/endorsed by:

A nutrition starter information pack for patients and carers has also been developed in conjunction with the National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses and the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation to support the guide – click here for further information

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